Reading Street

Unit-4  Let's Go Exploring

  Week - 5

If You Could Go to Antarctica

Genre-Animal Fantasy

Question of the week:

        What would it be like to have an Antarctic



     Ee and review Gg         

Initial and Final Sounds:

      Initial and medial /e/

High-Frequency Words (Sight Words):

               (hi-lighted are new words) 


     here      go        from

      one       two      three    four    five

      are        that      do         have

      they      you       of          see        look 

      me        with      she        I             little

       he         for        am        a            the

       we         my       like        to          is

       here     go        from    


Big Book: 

      If You Could Go to Antarctica

Decodable Reader:



      Capital Letters and Periods

Comprehension Skill:

      Classify and Categorize


      Capital Letters and Periods


      North, South, East, West

Content Knowledge:

       Antarctic Adventures

Amazing Words:

Antarctica        continent   

icebergs           penguins

seals                 whales

      Snap Word List 

These are words in addition to Reading Street words to get the students ready for 1st grade.